Thermcore Spa Heaters Features

Spa heaters are the component that makes you hot tub, well, hot! Thermcore spa heaters are modern, electric heaters that are easy to install -- simply drop in one of their compact, fully-assembled heaters into an appropriately-sized space in your hot tub. In fact, many complete spa kits include a Thermcore heater built in, even if the brand of the kit is different! But, due to the sensitive parts involve, heaters sometimes require some attention to continue efficient operation. That's when a simple parts replacement is the right choice, rather than replacing the entire self-contained unit. Regardless of how small and sleek these Thermcore heaters are, the parts happen to be particularly easy to swap out and replace. Extending the life of your heater is easier than ever before. 

Thermcore replacement C2550-2001 Heater Assembly 5.5KW 230V Cal Spas is a heavy-duty in-line flow heater assembly replacement. This means you install it directly into your hot tub tubing, and it heats the water that passes through. This is a drop-in replacement with all of the required sensors fully-installed already.

Thermcore A2550-5350ET Spa Heater 5.5KW 240V 2" Tee w/ Cord MJJ Plug is another in-line option, except this particular model is in a right-angled configuration. This is huge heating power, in a small package built to fit into even the most difficult spots in your spa's inner workings. Or, if you're designing a new hot tub from the ground up, you can take advantage of coming up with a concept where heating occurs at angles, leaving more room for other interesting component opportunities.

Thermcore 4.5KW C2450-0802ET Heater Flo Thru ET Morgan Type is a particularly efficient in-line replacement heater, with a design angled towards easy installation. Central sensor mounting points mean you don't need an extra switch, streamlining operation.

Thermcore C2450-1008-ET Spa Heater 4.5KW 240V 2" X 17-1/2" - Vita Flo is a replacement for the Vita Flo, one of the most popular hot tub heaters around. We always keep these in stock due to how many spa customers require this exact product to get their hot tubs up and running properly.

Thermcore C2550-0002ET Replacement Heater Assembly 5.5KW, 240V, Flo-Thru, 2" x 15" is a new model number that's compatible with a common older model, the 20-00224. Whether your old heater assembly is flagging, or if you'd simply prefer modernized sensor placement on a drop-in replacement, this is a great way to go.

Therm 20-08421 Heater Flow Thru 5.5KW 240V 13" x 2" with Enclosure PS Generic is perfect for simple, hands-on type hot tub setups. This includes an enclosure that allows direct control of the heating temperature, right in front of the flow-through heating component itself. When you aren't interested in creating complex networks of digital components and figuring out how to work them together, this style of heater is exactly what you need.

Wild West is committed to providing top-quality heaters like those from Thermcore, as well as the official replacement parts to keep them running like-new for years to come. We source these heaters and components at the lowest prices we can work out, and pass those savings along directly to our customers.

Your loyalty matters more to us than upselling you on full kits or lesser quality parts that would have you returning sooner rather than later for a replacement. And with that in mind, take note that for the entirety of this month, all Thermcore heater buyers will also receive a special invitation for our exclusive members-only deals club. You'll get access to offers and discounts so good that we're not able to publish them directly on our website! So, you want to get those spa waters steamin' like they used to? Hop on into the warm, welcoming waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!