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Underwater Magic Sealant & Adhesive - White, 290 Ml (9.8Oz) | 6530-11

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SKU: 6530-11
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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SKU: 6530-11
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

White Underwater Magic Sealant & Adhesive, 290 ML (9.8oz) Single Tube | 6530-11

POOL MAINTENANCE DEAL ALERT: this white, fully submersible pool adhesive and sealant solution is a crucial item that pool maintenance professionals and home pool owners rely on -- and we have a number sourced at a great rate that we're passing directly to our customers. Get yours now for 20% off. For a limited time only!

Sound ideal? That's because we're for real. The Underwater Magic Sealant & Adhesive - White set the standard for underwater adhesives and sealants for home and business applications. This beloved product mostly comes down to how dependable and easy to apply it is. And the white version is the top color choice. Don't let cracks or worn down previous sealant applications lower the overall quality of your pool experience. It's time to go all in on the simple, reliable repairs one can easily achieve with Underwater Magic!

Underwater Magic white sealant & adhesive features:

  • Underwater Magic Product Number: 6530-11
  • 290 ml (9.8 oz) tube
  • Odorless
  • Silicone free formula
  • Rainproof, meaning it stands up to the acidity and mineral content of untreated rainwater
  • Chlorine water resistant, perfect for home pool usage
  • Seawater resistant, for saltwater pools or beach side applications
  • UV radiation resistant, rating this for outdoor usage
  • Tube mounts properly in standard caulking guns
  • Isocyanate and solvent free formula

This sound like the perfect sealant for your needs? Nice! So how about a smokin' deal on top of it all? Remember, for a limited time you'll save 20% on this sealant and adhesive. But don't put it off for long. This deal only applies to our current stock of this item, which we got at a great price. We're handing the savings off directly to our customers and can't guarantee this price in the future. So get on it as soon as you can!

This white adhesive and sealant tube comes with a one (1) year limited warranty supported directly by Underwater Magic. For a full description of coverage details and claims, the included owner's manual has you covered.

More about the white Underwater Magic sealant & adhesive:
This sealant, originally invented for deep sea applications on ships, is an all-purpose sealant and adhesive in one tube. This current formulation handles more than just seawater, though. The variety of applications include water intakes, skimmers, concrete cracks, skimmer mounting, tile replacements, overflow channel mounting, lighting installations, stone transitions, and even wood structures near the pool.

While this version is branded for home use, it's the same product that is still used to seal ship leaks at port and at open sea. This is a crucial distinction from some sealant formulas, because it can be applied directly without draining your pool. Simply use a standard caulking gun -- no mixing required -- and apply to the relevant surface. It's truly that simple. 

Got any questions keeping you up at night about using this seemingly magical sealant in a safe and efficient manner? We got your back! Our pool professionals are well-versed in every single product we carry. They'll be happy to handle any queries you can throw at 'em.

There's no reason to settle for less. A crack-free, properly sealed pool experience is in your near future. But don't wait for long. This crisp 'n cool Underwater Magic pool sealant and adhesive is only on discount for a limited time. Get yours today! 

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