Home Hot Tub Basics

Home Hot Tub Basics

by Mark Zalewski

When you purchase a Hot Tub, you will find many benefits for you and your family.

Safety first !! The most important aspect of having a hot tub is to be safety minded. To reduce the risk of drowning you need to invest in a locking cover. This protects children from accidentally falling into it. Covers not only keep debris out, which lengthens the filter’s life, but it also helps to keep the heat in. By using a cover when the hot tub is not in use, the water temperature is easier to maintain allowing you more time to enjoy the water.

Over the past few decades, hot tubs have become much more energy efficient. The cost to heat and maintain a unit has been greatly reduced. Solar power models are now available that are heated by the sun which saves on your electric bill. (See details of using solar power units in our blog, ‘Pulling the Plug on Your Hot Tub’).

The water is reused until it is drained and refilled so it is important to keep it clean. The key to sustaining clean water is your filter. Filters need regular maintenance and it is suggested that they be removed and washed out weekly. Filter cleaners can offer extra help, if needed, to clean properly. As the hot tubs are self-contained, the better care you give to keeping the filters clean, the longer you can maintain it overall.  For purchasing information on hot tub filters visit our store.

No matter how clean you are there will always be particles that end up in the tub and can cause harm. Chemical treatments that consist on chlorine treatments and anti-foaming agents are vital for extended use of your hot tub. If you reside in an area where the water is hard you will want to add an anti-scaling chemical to prevent calcium deposits from building up and possibly staining your hot tub.