How Do Hot Tubs Melt Away Stress?

How Do Hot Tubs Melt Away Stress?

by Mark Zalewski

You already know that there’s nothing like relaxing in a hot tub after a long day at work or after driving the kids around all day, throwing dinner together and ending the day exhausted. There’s nothing that can relax you both physically and mentally like a long hot tub soak. So what is it about sitting in a hot tub that melts away the stress of the day?

It almost sounds magical, doesn’t it? Is it the steam coming off the hot water that pulls the tension out of your body and then carries it all away that does it? There aren’t any magical answers, but there are proven scientific reasons as to why when you soak in a hot tub at the end of a long day you can feel the tension and stress lift from you.

Our bodies are constantly taking a pounding every single day, by gravity. You wouldn’t notice it unless you are specifically focused on the gravitational force and how it affects every step you take, but it’s there. It is continuously putting a large amount of pressure on your entire body. For more information on how gravity effects your body see Sciencing’s article. When you are in a hot tub, your body becomes buoyant and you shed 30% of the strains of gravity. You could get the same relief from spending time in a swimming pool, but there’s even more that a hot tub offers.

As you submerge yourself into the hot water, your body begins to heat up and warmth brings about relaxation. This relaxed state comes from your blood flowing easily while your capillaries and veins are also in a more relaxed state of being. So here’s how the process happens; blood is flowing freely making your heart work better and you are no longer being pulled to the ground by a 100% gravitational force. That’s the basic summary of how a hot tub rejuvenates the mind and body. For additional information see our previous post, Dealing with Stress: Can a Hot Tub Be Your Answer? Amazing that all it takes on your part is a simple soak in a hot tub to revitalize you physically and mentally.