The Benefits of Using Enzymes in Your Hot Tub

The Benefits of Using Enzymes in Your Hot Tub

by Mark Zalewski

We all know that owning a hot tub has great rewards such as pain relief and relaxation. However, if you don’t clean your hot tub properly it can house bacteria that can make you extremely ill. For more information on how to clean and care for your hot tub, see our previous post, Do You Know What it Takes to Maintain Your Hot tub? If your hot tub isn’t clean it can attract harmful bacteria. There are some hot tubs that are made using a piping system that allows debris and stagnant water to sit in the dark, damp pipes just waiting for the next time the tub is turned on to spread around its bacteria borne illness to the users. That is the primary reason to use enzymes in your hot tub. Enzymes prevent the water from becoming a bacteria breeding ground so that bacteria won’t grow in the pipes.

Why Use an Enzyme System?

When an enzyme system is used for a hot tub treatment, it removes completely any hair, dead skin, and fecal matter as well any other potentially harmful substances that get left behind after using the hot tub. It’s designed to not only clean the hot tub but to consume and remove any substances in the pipes so they cannot grow and create air-borne illnesses. Even though you may drain out all the water, there is still water and debris that stays in the pipes that weren’t completely flushed out.

Before the enzyme system was created for use in hot tubs, chemicals would have to be used that would kill the bacteria in the pipes but they were unable to eliminate the material left behind. Using enzymes in your hot tub will effectively remove any organic material that can build up over an extended amount of time.You can refer to Swim University’s article for helpful information on the available enzymes and amounts that should be used.

If you are about to buy a hot tub or you have one already, be sure that you implement an enzyme treatment plan. If you suffer from recurring infections it could very well be from your hot tub. Using enzymes in your hot tub will ensure that the grime and filth that gets left behind on your jets and pipes is eliminated. It should be your primary focus to provide a clean healthy environment for you and your family.