What Everyone Should Know About Swimming Pool Fencing

What Everyone Should Know About Swimming Pool Fencing

by Mark Zalewski

Swimming pool fencing is your first line of defense against accidents. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4. That is a sad statistic that all swimming pool owners need to keep in mind when it comes to pool safety. Of course, your pool should be a source of enjoyment and relaxation. Contacting a good swimming pool installer or services provider for a free fencing estimate is a great way to start making your pool more secure.

You should always choose a reputable company to handle your pool construction and installation of basic accessories and fixtures. They should offer top quality service using various grade materials that are appropriate for your environment. There are different material options such as vinyl and mesh, metal and altuglass, and metal fencing. These should be constructed to provide protection to you and your family. For specific information on residential pool fencing regulations, see the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report, Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools.

Pool Fencing Materials

Vinyl -

Vinyl fencing is created from high-impact PVC materials that are tailored to meet and exceed requirements. Due to the high level of excellence this type of material provides, you can often get a 25-year warranty with it.

Mesh -

Mesh fencing is made from woven mesh fabric, with polyester yarn and flexible foamed PVC. The yarn is effectively bonded at specific crossover points.

Metal and Altuglass -

This type of pool fencing is increasing in its popularity. The panels are known for their transparency. They are damage resistant and don't tend to collect twigs and debris from its surroundings. The fencing is made from quality thermo-lacquered aluminum with anti-ultraviolet rays to prevent yellowing. They are durable, not affected by the sun, and prevent the formation of rust.

Metal -

Some pool-manufacturing companies make a white metal fencing that is galvanized and offered in various colors. You can normally get a 10-year corrosion warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Swimming pool safety is the responsibility of every pool owner. Having a quality pool fence installed is a major component of ensuring your pool is secured. For more safety tips see our previous blog, Summer Safety Tips for Your Swimming Pool.