Kafko / Equator Round Skimmer Cover | 19-0165-1

SKU: 19-0165-1
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SKU: 19-0165-1
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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MPN: 19-0165-1
SKU: 19-0165-1
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Kafko / Equator 19-0165-1 Round Skimmer Cover 

YOUR POOL CLEANING WOES ARE OVER: this official, high-quality replacement cover for Kafko Equator pool skimmers is in stock right now, and it just so happens to be on sale for a major 15% off MSRP!

The Kafko Equator pool skimmer line is one of our most commonly requested examples of pool equipment. These are some of the most rugged skimmers available to consumers, and this replacement lid follows in that tradition. The Kafko / Equator 19-0165-1 Round Skimmer Cover will perfectly slot into your 19-0165-1 skimmer -- and you'll get your hands on it at a great discount, too! 

Kafko / Equator 19-0165-1 Round Skimmer Cover features:

  • Kafko Product Number: 19-0165-1
  • Diameter: 9-1/2"
  • Weight: 0.62 LBS

Does 19-0165-1 match the part number on your current Kafko pool skimmer? Perfect! So, now that you can envision your skimmer getting right back to 100% functionality, how about a quick reminder on that price? That's right: 15% off MSRP, no catch, no questions asked. Just a great deal that we'll keep on offer as long as our current stock lasts! 

This replacement skimmer cover has a one (1) year limited warranty provided by Kafko. Please check with the owner's manual included with the packaging for full coverage and claims details.

More about the Kafko / Equator 19-0165-1 Round Skimmer Cover:
Kafko sells a variety of well-regarded pool products in various categories that are universally well-regarded, and their pool skimmer is no exception. Their skimmers are built to withstand major punishment from chemical exposure, outdoor weather, and more.

This replacement part, part number 19-0165-1, is a white cover replacement for their Equator pool skimmer. This is the only color this part is currently available in. 

This part is also listed in Kafko documentation as 1008, 19-0165-1, 1901651, 2001666, KP1008. This is a compatible replacement for each of those part numbers. 

Curious to learn more about replacing your Equator skimmer cover? Are you worried this might not be the right part you need? Don't worry about it! Our experienced pool professionals are always happy to answer questions from our customers. 

Your pool is about to get right back to the clear, crisp, debris-free experience you used to have. But don't delay. This smokin' Kafko / Equator 19-0165-1 Round Skimmer Cover discount is only available until we sell out of our current stock of this product! 

P.S. -- Our discounts go even deeper than this huge slice of the top of the MSRP. We also have a list of private deals, reserved for our best customers, that are too deep to publish directly on our website. And it just so happens that Kafko product buyers get access to it this month! Why wait? Dive into the cool and crisp waters of Wild West Pool Supplies!

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