Kafko / Equator Skimmer Parts

Pool skimmers are the strongest line of defense between your pool and the inevitable appearance of debris in your pool. Even the most clean, well-maintained environment will have some buildup of dirt, the rare insect, or any number of foreign bodies that are unsightly or even unsafe for your guests. The best way to handle this ongoing issue? Make sure to get your hands on the best pool skimmers available on the market today! Our customers provide among the best feedback to the Kafko / Equator Pool Skimmer, due to its proven ability to wrangle almost any debris the environment decides to surprise it with. These skimmers last for ages, and when they do need a little TLC? We've got the parts you need, ready to ship.

Kafko Equator 19-0165-1 Round Skimmer Cover replaces the most sensitive, exposed area of the skimmer. This is a rugged build that will last for years, and it is only due to the high level of stress it inevitably receives from sun and materials exposure that you'll end up replacing yours at all. It's a simple, chunky off-white design made of the strongest plastic composite appropriate for extended underwater applications.

Kafko Equator 4202-10 Universal Replacement is a universal weir replacement, custom-molded tuned to mesh with the spring assembly. The weir is sealed cleanly with a foam insert that allows the necessary range of motion for this spring-loaded design to properly function while also preventing foreign bodies from entering the internals. A built-in temporary plastic line guides the positioning of the spring assembly, which is pulled out after installation.

Kafko 19-0200-0 Equator Faceplate Cover is the official replacement part that provides the final visual touch for the Kafko / Equator faceplate. This piece mounts into the gasket fittings of the faceplate itself, covering the complex design underneath with a clean, off-white, soft-angled rectangular look.

Kafko Equator 19-0100-0 Skimmer Face Plate with Gasket is the faceplate component that actually fully seals off the internals of the skimmer. Similar to the faceplate cover design that goes with it, this is a rectangular piece that frames the opening of the skimmer. The surface has mounting points dotted across the face and mounts into the included gasket to fully close the skimmer to unwanted debris and rigidly support the collection of components that makes up the full device.

Kafko / Equator 19-0159-2 Face Plate Gasket is included with the full assembly above. However, because this is a sensitive part all on its own, we make sure to carry just this piece on its own to make sure our customers spend only the exact amount they need to on getting their skimmer back up to full working order. This gasket covers the full face plate area, sealing the space between the face plate, and then finally the face plate cover.

Kafko 19-0102-0 Skimmer Vacuum Control Plate is a custom-molded, circular plate that mounts into the skimmer and allows the force of the vacuum operation to be easily controlled by the pool owner. The suction force doesn't always need to be exactly the same for each pool, so making sure to replace a worn control plate is crucial for efficient operation! It seals the space above the basket just enough to make sure the debris make it through without leaving the basket space open to debris coming back out.

At Wild West, we make sure to carry as many replacement parts as possible for all of the completed pool equipment we sell. Our philosophy? Don't fully replace what you can easily fix yourself! With the incredible quality of Kafko / Equator pool skimmers, we know you'll get many years of smooth operation with only the rare maintenance and parts swapping over the entire time. And, as a way of rewarding our most discerning customers, anyone who takes home replacement parts for this Kafko / Equator pool skimmer this month also gets access to a private list of exclusive store-wide offers. So why not? Take a dive into the refreshing and crisp waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!