Kreepy Krauly Parts Features

Pool cleaner options are numerous, with huge price ranges, and totally different use cases. So here's an easy way to narrow down your options: start with trusted, well-respected product lines, then match your pool environment to it. Once you weed out manufacturers by quality -- not always by price, mind you! -- you'll find the entire process of buying and installing a pool cleaner to be far easier. Then, within each overall manufacturer, start zeroing on in the brand of choice.

You'll likely land on Pentair as one of the top manufacturers of many pool components, but certainly pool cleaners in particular. Then, within their lines, there's the perfect balance of price, performance, and extremely long-term durability: the Kreepy Krauly line. These extremely repairable pool cleaners last customers for years to come after taking them home. Replacement parts are easy to install, and cover almost every component. And the prices? Once you take a look at our lineup, you'll see why Kreepy Krauly is one of the first name that comes up whenever anyone utters the phrase, "I want to buy pool cleaner parts." So let's get into some of our most popular Kreepy Krauly parts. 

Kreepy Krauly Great White Pentair GW9501 Shroud covers the main assembly of your Kreepy Krauly cleaner. This item helps extend the lifespan of your cleaner by preventing general wear and tear when not in use. Avoiding the elements, animals, and debris is key for keeping your cleaner running like new.

Pentair LLD45PM Feed Hose 11' 2" runs water through your pool cleaner easily, and with a design meant to prevent obstructions. There is just enough bend to avoid interfering with easy, smooth operation. But it's hardy enough to last for years.

Kreepy Krauly Great White Pentair GW9508 Vacuum Skirt is how you keep the bigger chunks of debris that aren't meant to enter  your pool cleaner out entirely. This avoids leading to damaging obstruction from items that can otherwise be picked up purely by hand. If your skirt is wearing down, replace it immediately to guarantee safe operation of your pool cleaner!

Kreepy Krauly Legend Pentair EU16 Fine Mesh Bag is a hardy bag that can handle large amounts of silt and debris from your pool. This replaceable bag does last, but eventually takes on enough damage to need a replacement. Don't wait for tears, replace yours today!

Kreepy Krauly Great White Pentair GW9522 is a replacement spring for the lift brush assembly on your Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner. This component makes sure your brush has the range of motion necessary to properly clean all submerged surfaces without putting on pressure that would otherwise crack your pool cleaner.

This list proves that you can cover nearly any part replacement for your Kreepy Krauly cleaner. Replacement cleaner bags? Common. But a replacement lift brush spring? Not always the easiest thing to find for any brand. That's a big part of why this line, by Pentair, is seen as one of the best recommendations by home pool aficionados and professional pool builders alike. We make sure to keep as many Kreepy Krauly parts in stock as possible due to consistently high demand. And, as a way to pay back our discerning customers, we have an offer on deck: If you take home any Kreepy Krauly parts or fully assembled cleaners, we'll add you to our special slate of rotating offers. These direct offers are deep discounts, shipping offers, and more creative retail concepts that manufacturers prefer we don't publish directly on our website! So why delay a moment longer? Hop into the crisp, cool and refreshing waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!