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Pre-Filter, Bluwater, 10,000 Gal., 5 Microns, Carbon Block | PF-100

SKU: PF-100
SKU: PF-100
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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Weight: 0.86 LBS
Width: 2.50
Height: 2.25
Depth: 8.90
GTIN: 606682808721
MPN: PF-100
SKU: PF-100
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

PF-100 Pre-Filter, BluWater, 10,000 gal., 5 Microns, Carbon Block

Carbon Spa Pre-Filter With the ever-increasing amount of foreign contaminants found in tap water, it is becoming more necessary to filter this water before filling your hot tub or spa. Initial chemical balancing becomes easier and future stain and scale issues are greatly minimized.

REDUCES: phosphates chlorine iron dust tastes lead rust odors copper grit cloudiness iron oxide dediment colors V.O.C.'s arsenic aluminum mercury cadmium H2S vapors THE best pre-filter design for improving the quality of your water. This filter is important to use if you are filling from a well water source, or if you have hard water, or are using a Bromine Generator. Easy to use directions!

Step 1. Attach filter to any standard garden hose

Step 2. Turn hose on and fill to the appropriate level

Step 3. Balance the Ph and Alkalinity

Step 4. Follow the start-up instructions in the Genesis manual

*Replace the filter when it is full and restricts water.