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Tecmark (TDI) Pressure Switch 3903-BP | 3 Amp - SPST - 1/8" NPT - 1-5PSI - Plastic

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Tecmark (TDI) Pressure Switch 3903-BP | 3 Amp - SPST - 1/8" NPT - 1-5PSI - Plastic

WARNING: this pressure switch is one of the best on the market and 25% off for a limited time

It’s true. The Tecmark (TDI) 3903-BP Pressure Switch is one of the best pressure switches on the market and for those who need a new pressure switch for your spa heater. Remember at breakfast this morning wanting nothing more than to effectively control your spa heater’s operation to get your hot tub up and running? We’ve been there too.

The Tecmark (TDI) Pressure Switch features:

  • Tecmark Product Number: 3903-BP
  • 1-5 PSI, the factory set point cannot be adjusted
  • 3 Amp
  • Single pole, single throw (SPST)
  • ⅛” thread

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This pressure switch has a one (1) year limited warranty from Tecmark (TDI). For a full description of coverage details and claims, refer to the owner’s manual.

More about the Tecmark (TDI) 3903-BP Pressure Switch:
Tecmark pressure switches are made in the US and are UL Recognized and CSA Certified. They SPST switching logic and convert the pressure signal into an electrical output. We recommend that you wrap a few layers of teflon tape around the threads of this pressure switch to ensure a proper seal. This pressure switch is easy to install and features a 1 year limited warranty.

Have a question about the Tecmark 3903-BP pressure switch? Our hot tub product specialists are ready to help.

Relaxing new hot tub experiences await you today. Hurry. This smokin’ Tecmark (TDI) 3903-BP pressure switch deal lasts only for a little while longer, so act now!

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Availability: In Stock and Ready to Ship!!!
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Weight: 1.00 LBS
MPN: 3903-BP
SKU: 3903-BP
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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4 Stars
Excelent Supply and Fast Shipping

I was able to find my part, a pressure switch I was having a hard time finding quickly, at the usapoolspapaertssupply.com. The purchase process was fast and easy and the part was delivered in a timely fashion. The only part I did not like was that the shipping was very expensive and the part was delivered in a box that could have accommodated a dozen switches.